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Summer MacCool, life and business coach, is a conduit for universal consciousness. In service to the world and your extraordinary life. Transforming the formless into form. This is her magic. 

Summer contributes to everyone who steps into her light. Whether coaching business leaders treading choppy water while expanding into soul-aligned territory, social entrepreneurs bringing revolutionary products to market, a promising young dancer uncovering that special nuance that will propel her to the next level, or a mom learning to love herself and repairing family dynamics. 


In her 20s, Summer supported a northern Native American Suhthai community pursuing spiritual growth and healing. Shifting gears, she held management roles in corporate business for nearly two decades, successfully serving a melting pot of cultures and an ultra-demanding marketplace.

As a lifelong seeker, Summer discovered her true calling in her 30s, committed to helping people reclaim well-being and purpose. In addition to her coaching practice, Summer is a clinically certified transpersonal hypnotherapist, Reiki master, and shamanic counselor.  She can also be found at

What Clients Say

When I started my business, my energy was focused on fundamentals, like finding my audience, building my website, and designing business cards.  Tasks got ticked off that list, I stalled a few times, regained my confidence.  But I've spent the past month in a fog.  I was impatient and getting scared.  

Stalled out.  And behind it all was a belief that I couldn't be successful because of one person I met almost a year ago.  I was tied to believing that this one person's belief was what everyone was believing of me. It only took Summer 30 minutes to clear that insecurity. I'm now owning up to the fact that I actually am an artist, I'm good at it, and I'm doing something worthwhile.  One person is not gonna stop me.  I also saw how much easier the next phase of my business will play out, and how to build on the community that I already have.  Summer has a way of getting to the heart of fear and pain.  I'm so grateful to experience her wisdom.  Thank you, Summer.

E. W.

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