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Bridge Over River

Thrive from your heart's desire

Illuminated Potential™ is a coaching practice dedicated to helping socially conscious entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, and seekers leverage soulful clarity within everyday life for our highest purpose, greatest fulfillment, and immediate action.

Summer MacCool, life and business coach, founder, and soul whisperer, offers one-on-one coaching and 2-day retreat intensives dedicated to open, insightful listening and guidance – step by step – from ideas and inspiration to real-life application and embodiment.

Illuminate Your Future

Given our life experience and limiting belief systems – through family and society – we often can’t see what’s 100 percent possible and sustainable. No matter how dark the cave, Summer MacCool, with compassionate presence, helps us navigate fundamental discomfort, anxiety, and fear. 

Uncovering the jewel at the core of our being and bringing it into the light. Confusion fades. Limitations disappear. When our innermost potential is unlocked, we can create joyful, meaningful lives filled with clarity, confidence, and love.

What Clients Say

“If you want to find out what is blocking you and who you really are, talk to Summer. She has a way of seeing what’s holding you back and pointing to it. Her BS detector is spot on. She cuts to the truth like a samurai, always with love and compassion. Revealing the magnificence that you are. To be seen and supported by Summer is a gift.” A.S.

Bridge The Gap Between Inspiration and Realization

Illuminated Potential™, headquartered in Pleasant Hill, California, is a high-vibration, heart-centered coaching practice founded by Summer MacCool. She is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, and motivated individuals get unblocked, and put their dreams, wisdom, and purpose into immediate action.

You’re at a crossroads without a map. Burdened with a million to-do’s, and scattered ideas, thoughts, and feelings – untethered in reality. Questioning what’s next and what’s best. Running in place. Fuzzy on the essence of what you’re offering or why you’re even doing what you’re doing. Maybe all of the above. If any of these ring true and are bogging you down, perfect. You’ve come to the right person.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Maya Angelou

Wheat Field
Wandering Traveler
View of Meditation Garden
Sat on the Rocks
Meditation by the Sea

What Clients Say

“I’ve been meeting with Summer MacCool weekly since the start of the year. She has the most remarkable ability to take the chaos and potential of my thoughts and navigate them to an area that can be clearly understood and acted upon. I'm able to open up without the thought of being vulnerable. I truly believe she has the potential to change the way we interact in the world through amazing listening and clarity.
It’s exciting to have a guide who can illuminate my potential and the impact I can provide. I am now launching my own corporation and feeling that my personal and business life are in sync.” E.C.

Who’s ripe for Illuminated Potential™ Coaching?

You're getting things done, but aren't sure where it's leading  

You know where you’re headed, but can't seem to get there 

You're moving, but the road is rough and clouded over; you’re too close to see the whole view

Illuminated Potential offers empowering one-on-one coaching sessions and self-actualizing two-day coaching retreats. Collaborative journeys inward, infused with reflection, insight, and clarity. Around, over, and through the sticky stuff and murkiness that block the way to what we want most.

Our time together will be practical, applicable, and strategic, while simultaneously spacious, creative, and intuitive. You might say that it’s coaching, spiritual exploration, alchemy, and counseling rolled into one! The best of all worlds.

We start where you are. Diving below your thoughts, preconceptions, and agendas so you can see, hear, experience, and be the essence of who you really are. Reigniting your passion. Reclaiming your power. 

During our individual coaching conversations and 2-day retreats, new perspectives arise. Blocks dissolve. Doorways appear. Best of all, the impossible becomes possible: the fulfilment of your most important work and your soul’s purpose.

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

Meditation by the Sea

Experience Luminous, Unlimited Potential.

Together, we will:

  • observe the relentless “rant”

  • boil down the rambling 

  • enlist compassion

  • reinforce confidence and intent

  • encourage curiosity

  • align with your innate truth 

  • clarify your vision, goals, and objectives

  • identify actionable next steps

  • leap forward – all – from a place of wholeness

The Illuminated Potential™ Journey

From the Beginning to the New Now

Running through quicksand
Breaking Free
Calling for aid 
Bigger focus  
Path revealed 
Clarity into action


“If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.”

Dolly Parton

What Clients Say

She has a way to and through the heart of fear and pain. I'm so grateful to experience her wisdom. E.W.

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